Thongs come in a variety of styles.  Determining the one that is right for you will not only depend on what fits well but also your purpose for wearing a thong.  If you are looking for something sexy to wear for your spouse, there are thongs just for that as opposed to a more functional everyday thong.  The following outlines the various thong styles to give you an idea of what is available so you can find a thong to satisfy your panty needs.

Tanga Thong

A relatively conservative thong. The Tanga’s front is completely covered, and in the back the material is higher cut, usually curving up a few inches above the butt cheeks but still provides low visibility under garments.

V-String Thong

Named after the V shape that it makes as the material goes up to the waistline. The v-string is commonly used in one piece swimsuits, and offers slightly more coverage than a g-string.  Very sexy.

G-String Thong

The most renowned thong and also the most revealing.  Often called ‘butt floss’, as the small front triangle leads to strings that go around the hips and under your buttocks for maximum cheek exposure.

Rio Thong

The Rio thong is considered the most conservative thong and resembles a high cut breife. It has more coverage than any other thong style with about 1/3 – 2/3 of your butt and front covered but still has a low profile and provides the “no lines” feature.

T-Back Thong

When looking from the rear, the t-back is very identifiable from the t shape that is created as the material comes up between the butt and usually widens into a waistband that is roughly 1/4 to 1/2 inches wide and rests evenly across the waist.

Y-Back Thong

A Y-back can be a variation of a t-back or a g-string thong with a waist band that rides up around the hips making it shaped more like a Y.

C-String Thong

The newest thong style is certainly opening eyes.  The C-String is an exciting innovation in thong underwear. You can certainly say goodbye to panty lines and uncomfortable straps as any offending material just does not exist. Very Sexy, Very Minimal.