As with any clothing item, understanding how to wear a thong will insure that your experience will be pleasant.  If you are new to thongs or even if the thong is a staple in your wardrobe, in this section you will find tips on selecting and wearing a thong so that you may benefit from both it’s form and function.

The first thing that we recommend is that you ask yourself “Why a thong?” Understanding your motivation for wearing thong underwear will help you decide what type of thong will meet your needs.  Primarily There are 3 common motivations for wearing a thong;

Function – If you wear snug pants, dresses or skirts, traditional underwear can leave unsightly panty lines that can ruin an otherwise nice look.  With far less material and a cut designed to disguise, thong panties can help make your clothes fit and look their best by eliminating the chances of bunching or visible panty lines.

Comfort – Some women just like the feeling of a thong. The minimal material and slight ride into your buns can make you feel slimmer and sexier.  Those who don’t like to wear thongs usually site the feeling of a continual wedgie as the reason.  This may be true when you first try them, but give them a shot.  Many also say you get used to it quite quickly and soon prefer them.

The Look – Make no mistake, thongs are incredibly sexy and can have a tantalizing effect on your significant other.  And there are many types of thongs designed to boost the sexy factor.  The sex appeal that thongs provide can be reason enough for you to wear one.  Thongs are almost guaranteed to make your partner’s mouth water and can make you feel sexier too.  All great motivations.

To begin your thong education process we suggest that you read about the various thong styles so that you will understand the looks and benefits that each one provides.

Style is important but just as important is choosing a fabric. Be sure to review what to consider when selecting the material for your thongs.

How should your thong fit?  Review the thong size chart to gauge what the best size is for you.

And of course, you may want to consider these grooming habits if contemplating a thong.

We think that after you understand these considerations of wearing a thong you will make the correct choices and are sure to be happy with your selection.