One more thing that you need to think about if you plan on wearing a thong is your grooming.  As you can imagine,  pubic hair sneaking out from your thong will completely ruin the sexy appeal that you may be going for.  Of course, if you will not be sharing a peak of your thong with someone special then your grooming may not be as important.  However, you never know, today may be your lucky day and it is better to be prepared.  Certainly if you’ll be wearing a thong bikini bathing suit, don’t forget to groom.

You may want to think about a waxing to be sure that you are smooth.  The Brazilian wax is one that goes particularly well with the skimpy coverage of a thong as it leaves just a strip of hair.  Of course the Brazilian wax originated in Brazil but became popular in the U.S. in the 80’s.

Here is an overview of the types of bikini waxing styles that may work for you.

Bikini Wax – Only the hair on the outside the panty is removed.  All of the hair covered by the thong remains. This style may not be enough removal for a thong as a considerable amount of hair remains.

The Full Bikini Wax – Just a small tuft of hair on the Mons Pubis remains.

The Brazilian bikini wax Removes all hair from both your back and front.  All that remains is a very thin strip on the pubis.  This waxing works well with all thongs.  This style is also very similar to the “Playboy Bikini Wax” and “The Landing Strip”

The Triangle – All pubic hair is removed except for a sharply trimmed triangle which points down to the genitals.

The Moustache – Everything is removed except for a wide, rectangular patch just above the hood at the top of the genital slit. This is sometimes called “The Hitler’s Moustache” or “Chaplin’s Moustache“.

The Sphynx
– All hair removed from both front and back.  No pubic hair remains. Smooth as a baby’s butt.  This style is sometimes also referred to as “The Hollywood

It is possible to create some of these styles yourself using your razor, but waxing does a far better job.  We won’t sugar coat it, waxing hurts. But those who do it often say that you do get used to it.  The technique involves powder being applied to the area being waxed.  Then, the waxer will cover the area being removed with warm wax.  It is then covered with a cloth and patted down.  The wax will cool for a few minutes then the cloth is pulled away from the skin ripping the hairs out.  Not fun, but sometimes fashion is not pretty.  Your skin may be red for a period of time and you will be given lotions to soothe the waxed area.  Expect to pay between $30 and $100 for your bikini wax.

Another thing that you should expect when going for a wax is to be fully exposed as if you were going for your annual pap.  Yes, the waxer makes a living in between women’s legs in highly sensitive areas and will see you in all your glory.  Try not to feel embarrassed.  The waxer does this all day long and your body is just another in an endless stream that they will work on.

So whether you go for a waxing or prefer to do it yourself, remember, grooming is critical to thong wearing.  Always think smooth.