The following is a general sizing chart that should help you determine what size thong will fit you best.  It is important to know that this is a very generic chart.  PLEASE CONSULT EACH OF OUR MERCHANTS WEBSITES FOR THE SIZING OF THEIR PARTICULAR PRODUCTS. Each merchant may use different metrics for sizing.

Waist Measurement Hip Measurement Panty Size
25″-26″ 35″-36″ 5 or Small (S)
27″-28″ 37″-38″ 6 or Medium (M)
29″-30″ 39″-40″ 7 or Large (L)
31″-32″ 41″-42″ 8 or Extra Large (XL)
33″-34″ 43″-44″ 9 or Extra Extra Large (XXL)
35″-36″ 45″-46″ 10 or Extra Extra Extra Large (XXXL)